Our Core Services

JPQS PTY LIMITED has provided a wide range of Cost Planning, Cost Management, Project Management and Superintendent Services to various sectors of the building industry for over a quarter of a century.

We excel in using our specialists skills and significant experience to provide detailed and accurate up-to-date cost data which is relevant and essential in delivering a successful project. Our Clients have come to rely on our core services which are vital in delivering a successful project from inception to completion.

Quantity Surveying Services

Pre-Contract/Planning Stage

Full List of Services

  • Preparing Feasibility Estimates, Preliminary Estimates, Budget Estimates to assist our Clients with their initial feasibility study.
  • Preparation of accurate Cost Estimates (Section 94) for Council Development Applications.
  • Providing Cost Planning Services – which involves the preparation of Cost Plans at various stages of Design Development to maintain budgetary control.
  • Provision of Comparative Cost Studies and advise on modifications required in the Design Stage to ensure Budget Expectation is achieved.
  • Preparation of Detailed Cost Estimates based on CC Documentation to establish a conclusive Construction Cost Budget prior to tender and construction stage.
  • Preparation of Pre-Tender Estimates based on rated Bills of Quantities.
  • Preparation of Traditional Bills of Quantities, Approximate Bills of Quantities, Builder’s Bill of Quantities, Sub-contractor’s Bill of Quantities.
  • Provide recommendation on the suitable Builder Contractors to be included on the Tender Invitation List.
  • Assess tenderer’s rated Bill of Quantities and advise Clients on the most appropriate price submitted prior to awarding the tender.
  • Prepare Tender Analyses of the Tender Submissions and make appropriate recommendation to assist in the awarding of the tender.

Post-Contract/Construction Stage

Full List of Services

  • Assessing the Value of Works Completed under Builder’s Progress Claims and recommending payments on account to Clients, Project Managers and Superintendents.
  • Measurement, Assessment and Negotiation of Variation Claims made under the Building Contract.
  • Provision of Auditing Services under a Cost Plus Contract.
  • Preparation of Extension of Time and Delay Costs assessments.
  • Attending Project Control Group Meetings.
  • Review Special Conditions of Contract and advise on any Commercial Risks to our Clients and recommend appropriate amendments.
  • Assessment of the Cost of the Rectification of Defects.
  • Final Account Audit.

Finance Stage

Full List of Services

We have accreditation with various Financial Institutions in which we carry out Independent Auditing Services as follows: 

  • Pre-Funding Initial Cost Reports which are prepared in accordance with the respective Financier’s Quantity Surveying Professional Services Brief.
  • Preparation of Monthly Progress Reports  which dealings with various aspects of the development during construction and advising on any specific Project Risks that may have arisen and making recommendation on Remedial Action required.
  • Preparation of Cost-To- Complete Reports.

Post Construction Stage

Full List of Services

  • Preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedule for property Investors.
  • Preparation of Replacement Cost Estimates.
  • Preparation of Sinking Fund Estimates.

Project Management / Superintendent Services

The firm is well acquainted with the many logistic issues associated with Project Delivery. We have developed  long standing relationships with clients and pride ourselves on understanding and fulfilling our Client’s individual needs. We firmly believe that for a project to succeed everyone involved from the Client and Consultants, to the Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and off course ourselves as the Project Managers, must act in harmony. We must all be “Partners’’ in the process of delivering the project.

Our firm has an outstanding record in the management of projects, which stems from taking assertive steps to ensure effective project control is maintained throughout the course of the project. This is not necessarily achieved through efficiency alone, but combined with personal service, commitment to excellence, integrity and dedication we provide the real basis for client satisfaction.

It is our philosophy to continually review and incorporate technical development and latest industry standards to suit the requirements for each project and each individual client. Through consistent application of our Project Management skills, experience and personal commitment, we provide a superior quality service with effective performance. We encourage co-operation, resourcefulness and attention to detail in all our personnel. The focus is always on the interest of the project, seeking constantly to improve it, to do it better and to ensure the best for both the Project and Client..

The deliverables under our Project Management & Superintendent Services include:

  • Management & Co-ordination of design Consultants required for the project throughout the Design process.
  • Co-ordinate the Development Application & Construction Certificate Stages.
  • Recommend the involvement of appropriate Builders, Sub-contractors &  Suppliers during the Design Stages.
  • Conduct Value Engineering Studies.
  • Recommendations on suitable Builders to be included on Tendering Lists.
  • Co-ordinate the prepare the Tender Packages and the calling of Tender Submissions.
  • Tender Analysis & Recommendation.
  • Advise on Procurement Strategy.
  • Management of the Financier’s requirements.
  • Administration of the Building Contract – issue Progress Payments Certificates, Variation Approvals & Extension of Time Approvals.
  • Conduct Project Control Group Meetings.
  • Project Auditing & Reporting.
  • Handover and Management of Defects Liability Period.
  • Final Account Audit.

Tendering & Contract Administration Services For Builders & Sub-Contractors

Our Tendering & Contract Administration Services include:

  • Prepare Builder’s Bills of Quantities including rated versions.
  • Prepare Sub-contract Trade Package Bills of Quantities including rated versions.
  • Preparation & submission of Tenders on behalf of the Builders & Sub-contractors.
  • Preparation of Progress Claims, Variation Claims and Extension of Time Claims on behalf of the Builders & Sub-contractors.

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